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What Tool to Cut Glass Bracket?

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What Tool to Cut Glass Bracket?

Post by dmekonnen » 04 Oct 2015, 18:13

The bracket with my kit didn't fold to match the angle of the Imaging Module before the sides of the notches come together, I need it bend a few degrees further. What tool is recommended for cutting the bracket metal? I'm assuming a saw of some kind.



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Re: What Tool to Cut Glass Bracket?

Post by duerig » 04 Oct 2015, 18:33

Old batches of Archivist scanners had this problem. I was able to track it down and fix it for the latest batch. There are three possible solutions.

First, a slight twist of the brackets lets it fold just a bit more and you end up with a small overlap.

Second, you can use tin snips or aviation snips to trim down the aluminum. These are available at places like Harbor Freight that sell these for five dollars or so. A hacksaw would also work here.

Third, one other person found success using a hacksaw to cut each side of the support into two separate pieces. So there is no bent metal at all at the bottom of the v and each pane of glass holds the other in place along with friction. This allows the two pieces of glass to fit together more tightly than the bent metal. And the panes of glass are still pretty secure even without the bit of bracket at the bottom to hold them.


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