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A copy of David Landin's design

Posted: 25 May 2018, 07:34
by stevesculptor
Hi Everyone, Just wanted to share this with you, not a revelation just a copy of David's 'Easy Book Scanner'. I was in a hurry to build mine as I was going abroad and wanted to take the scanned images with me. I had a five volume set I wanted to copy initially plus a few pages from another book. I intend to edit these and 'clean' them all up. So the only thing I can maybe contribute are glitches and hints I came across.
Making the scanner was a walk in the park as I have a background in building trades, I have a hand cutter for plastic plumbing tube which gives a clean slice through at 90 deg and leaves no burrs to file off. My only two obstacles (well not much) was not having time to source either matching cameras or checking their 'remote' capabilities properly as with the D P Preview website I was mislead in the case of a Nikon Coolpix S2900 was shown as Connectivity but this was for facial recog not IR sensor so I had to shoot each page physically, But the Canon was great as it has a settings option for shooting text, and the other obstacle was pondering why remote hand triggers have camera compatibility lists? surely IR will work on all makes of camera that are receptive!
I had a problem with the lighting in that I could not get a good position for it to stop a reflection in the platen hence the vertical piece of timber you see painted black. The 3mm acrylic platen joint is far to weak just reliant on glue so I will reinforce this later with steel brackets at the ends. I didn't have time to arrange a light tight shroud but found it quicker to black out the room.
I used a different way to counter balance the back using a series of steel washers (shims) but in the end preferred none as I lied the weight of the rig flattening the pages. I have images to go with this but not getting any help on how to ??? but will submit this and maybe the images will come later. I didn't have time or the need to glue the tubing as the joints are a good enough tight fit.

Re: A copy of David Landin's design

Posted: 26 May 2018, 16:19
by dpc
Yeah, pictures would be helpful. You can always post them to a site like and paste the URL here.