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Finished my scanner

Built a scanner? Started to build a scanner? Record your progress here. Doesn't need to be a whole scanner - triggers and other parts are fine. Commercial scanners are fine too.
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Re: Finished my scanner

Post by Royal_Scan » 04 Apr 2012, 16:40

Hi, I am new to these forums. I ended up here when I started building a frame from 80/20 products and googled t-slot aluminum scanner frame designs. My design is meant to be portable using a gurney and does not use a platen. I have been scanning bound books for about 3 years now using http://www.imageaccess.com/bookeye3a1.shtml . But raising and lowering the glass for each scan takes its toll very quickly on you. I only average 3 - 600+ page books in a 8 hour day using it, which requires lifting the glass 900 to 1000 times a day. So far my design cost is around $1000 and I still have to get my tray mounts figured out. After I get my frame ordered, delivered, and assembled. I will post pics and information on total cost and any problems I find. I don't have a lot of knowledge of using cameras to capture images of text documents, but I have used several types of scanners. My design is using 2 fluorescent dual bulb shop lights with sunlight bulbs you can buy at Lowes.

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Re: Finished my scanner

Post by Abarbour » 06 Nov 2012, 15:51

daniel_reetz wrote:I believe most of the information in the wiki came from this thread.

We'll bring it back, but we have to de-hack it first.
If you are able to salvage the notes on this - that would be great! This is an awesome looking build. Thanks!

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Re: Finished my scanner

Post by spbru » 18 Nov 2012, 11:39

I build my scanner that looks like yours, but i have some problems with sliders... i take four furniture sliders but it moves noisy and wedge some times.

Could you show me the sliders that you use here?

My design is suitable for scanning pages of size 70*50cm and sliding module is too big and heavy this is the reason of wedge i think.

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Re: Finished my scanner

Post by mattbh » 13 Feb 2015, 16:34

translucent1 wrote:Do you want dimensions of all the individual pieces or just overall size?
I'm out of town for the weekend, and won't be able to measure anything until Monday.

Hi translucent . It's awesome work done !

I would like carefully request a measurements of all the individual pieces and overall size too. Could you send me please , because I dont have much ideia How I could started without a design . What camera do you recomend :a full frame Canon camera or medium camera one? Will i need redesign a Camera mounts for professional models ? I cant understand How can I build the mechanism with vertical adjustment by sliding up and down a t-slot 80/20 extrusion. The "V" over the book is made by Glass or Acrilic ? Which has a better sharpness? Could post some pics or video ?

Please let me know with you can help me

Thanks for your great work


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Re: Finished my scanner

Post by recaptcha » 20 Feb 2015, 00:19

That is the most visually beautiful scanner I've ever seen on this site.

Well done.

Have you managed to embark on revision 2 of this model yet?

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Re: Finished my scanner

Post by gutto12 » 22 Jan 2018, 13:26

Amazing !!

Do you have the official measurements ??


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