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Cutting acrylic

Posted: 20 Jul 2009, 15:32
by you1
So, I've read...

When cutting Acrylic using power skilsaw, table saw, etc, make sure the blade is:

* Triple-Chip tooth
* Carbide tipped
* Has Clearance angle 10-15 degrees
* Has Rake Angle 0-5 degrees

Figured someone may find it useful.


Re: Cutting acrylic

Posted: 20 Jul 2009, 17:09
by daniel_reetz
For what it's worth, I've found that when drilling acrylic with ordinary drill bits (there are special plastic ones) that a few drops of liquid dishsoap seem to work well in keeping the bit from binding or chipping.

Re: Cutting acrylic

Posted: 21 Jul 2009, 08:06
by jradi
Thanks! Both great tips as I make my next mini platen...