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Stop adjusting the book during scan

Posted: 30 Jul 2009, 18:38
by you1
Everyone who has built a scanner has already realized that the book gets "stuck" in the cradle; therefore, we all have to put something in the bottom of the cradle to prop the book such that we can continue scanning. Different books have different needs.
Users have utilized old AA batteries, PVC pipes, a peace of wood, etc...
The above mentioned solutions are temporary at best; because they must be added/removed as we scan and turn the pages from begin to the end.

Thus, the goal is to make something that will remove the need to make adjustments in middle of the scan. Here is one possible solution...
fixed-bar.gif (8.04 KiB) Viewed 2626 times
I believe we may be able to achieve the desired objective if we place a fixed bar (adjustable per book) a long the length of the book at the center of its binding.
The bar will adjust diagonally from vertex of the cradle, going upwards to the left. It is intended to be fixed during the scan so that its peek is touching the center of the book binding when we are at page 1.

As we turn the pages and the cradle shifts to the left, the bar will force the bottom right side of the book binding up to a point where the book binding will be horizontally level. As we continue to turn pages and shift the cradle to the left, the book binding will begin to fall on the other side of the bar.

Note: because the platen will always come down to the same location, the cradle shifts as we turn the pages.

Your thoughts?


Re: Stop adjusting the book during scan

Posted: 10 Aug 2009, 07:35
by daniel_reetz
My main scanner has been non-operational for almost two months now (and now I'm moving to a new place)... but I don't recall having this problem. You've got a neat solution going, but I wanted to ask if other users are having this problem?