Daniel Reetz, the founder of the DIY Book Scanner community, has recently started making videos of prototyping and shop tips. If you are tinkering with a book scanner (or any other project) in your home shop, these tips will come in handy. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCn0gq8 ... g_8K1nfInQ

Tripod recommendation

Built a scanner? Started to build a scanner? Record your progress here. Doesn't need to be a whole scanner - triggers and other parts are fine. Commercial scanners are fine too.
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Re: Tripod recommendation

Post by univurshul » 15 Nov 2010, 11:03

Yeah, not sure about the side by side comparison, but I do know LR3 allows for distortion manually on grid too, which is really cool. So even if a specific lens isn't directly supported with preset, you can make your own correction preset.

I've decided against setting up an LR3 discussion topic. In fact all things commercial, e.g. Ad*be, I won't participate in. I was lambasted by users here over the weekend for recommending it. So, whatever. People will figure it out. If they don't, oh well.

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