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Horizontal lifting system

Posted: 24 Aug 2009, 16:52
by Woeka
I found the Instructable yesterday and just love the first couple of scanners. I have been busy digitizing some books using photocopiers and scanners because I thought there was no other (cheap) way of doing it. Boy was is wrong ;)

I am thinking of building my own scanner and just happen to have a Canon A590 IS. Only one for now, but if my scanner is any good I’ll buy me another one.

The systems with the cameras fitted to the platen are my favorite. Only adjusting the camera once and no autofocus needed. Also the systems with a sliding book holder which prevents the book from shifting in the pictures from the first to the last page.

I was thinking of ways to lift the whole platen and cameras horizontally. When looking at the Scott Russell Straight-line motion mechanism I realized that I’d seen this before in scissor lift systems and that it might be useful. I’ve made some sketches of my idea.


I realize that it’s not sturdy sideways but that’s not needed when the book is allowed to slide in that direction. Lengthwise this solution looks very sturdy to me. The vertical posts can also be made sturdier by fixing it to the horizontal slides with some diagonals. On the other hand ... maybe it can do without the horizontal posts at all, also saves two sliders.

What do you guys think? Looking ok?

Re: Horizontal lifting system

Posted: 25 Aug 2009, 11:57
by daniel_reetz
That's a pretty interesting design! The only immediate objection I can think of is that it necessarily employs a lot of slides. But the up-down action would be sweet...

Re: Horizontal lifting system

Posted: 25 Aug 2009, 14:17
by Woeka
The number of slides is also a concern of mine. But the design could be simplified by removing the slides at the back and bottom. The front slides at the top are needed the others can be removed. There is however still a need for wheels or sliding something at the front bottom.

Removing the front slides at the bottom also makes it possible to lift everything pivoting around the back hinges making the book which need to be scanned more accessible. However I think lifting the platen that way is a bit heavy.

Hum .. looking at this design it could possible made portable too, if combined with the hinged book holder and platen of the 3rd gen scanner. I only see three horizontal connections between left and right (should be 4 ... lower back side also needs to be connected). That should be no problem with some nuts and bolts.

Re: Horizontal lifting system

Posted: 25 Aug 2009, 14:25
by you1
Cool design Woeka,

FYI, you can lock focus (disable autofocus) even with other designs.

See this thread: ... p?f=1&t=55