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Wiring needed to hook up cameras with gphoto2?

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Wiring needed to hook up cameras with gphoto2?

Post by dbb » 14 Apr 2011, 15:12

I guess this post could have gone in the hardware or software section. I am looking to use gphoto2 on my mac with my Canon cameras. I am wondering how I need to wire everything in? From what I have read, I might just need to run a USB wire from the laptop to each of the cameras separately? Does this sound correct? Or do I need a splitter of some sort?

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Re: Wiring needed to hook up cameras with gphoto2?

Post by TomHorsley » 14 Apr 2011, 16:55

If you are going to be using the CHDK or SDM firmware and want the USB line to be able to trigger taking a photo, then you need a switch of some kind that can toggle the USB power on and off. If the cameras can be fully controlled directly by gphoto2 and you are going to want a 100% USB connection, then either two USB ports on the computer or an external USB hub is all you need (with the cameras going to two ports on the hub).

My build is going to be using the USB as a trigger, so I started with an idea I found on the forums using a powered hub and running the 5V DC for the hub power through a switch. Then I got more ambitious (and am still working on the software) and decided to computer control the DC power with relays.

The full story of my build can be found here:

http://home.comcast.net/~tomhorsley/har ... anner.html

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