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Book covers: camera or flatbed scanning ?

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Book covers: camera or flatbed scanning ?

Post by DSpider » 27 Nov 2009, 08:09

First of all, are covers even important ? To me, at least, they are. If you want to preserve a book (archive it) you'll probably want to include the covers as well. So which method do you think works best ? If you already have a camera-based DIY book scanner should you buy a flatbed scanner ?

What about the part that holds the pages ? What's it called... The thick part between the front and the back cover. Bookplate, fillet, inlay, onlay, etc. I think those should be scanned as well.

What do you think ?

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Re: Book covers: camera or flatbed scanning ?

Post by Misty » 27 Nov 2009, 12:40

I'd consider a cover important. I always make sure to conserve every part of what I'm digitizing.

Now, when you're using the word "archiving," it's also a question of whether you're using the formal term or just using it like most people mean. Archivists generally take authenticity of items very seriously, while most people only care about making the text content of a book available in a new format. It's a question of what your priorities are and what you consider important.

As for whether a scanner is necessary - it's nice if you have access to one, but definitely not necessary to buy one if you don't. You can get a very nice cover image with a camera, like this.
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Re: Book covers: camera or flatbed scanning ?

Post by Antoha-spb » 27 Nov 2009, 16:55

I don't digitize covers but digitize (with my DIY photo-scanner) the title pages with the books and authors names, release year and all such stuff.
I use the flatbed scanner as well to scan important illustrations, chats, drawings and so on, where distortions are to be eliminated.


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