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Display system - question

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Display system - question

Post by rogermaris » 09 Dec 2009, 14:13

“Plugging the cameras in to a display … DOUBLES your battery life”
I too have noticed that the battery drains quickly without using a display system. So, I’m planning to make a display system using the same method described in the DIY instructions.

Quick question, what would be the device/tool that allows me to do the job of splicing two videos together onto one screen, if I don’t want to solder anything? Please excuse my lack of knowledge in regards to electronics, but I suppose the reason for going through the trouble to create a device for oneself would be to save money, because I could imagine the device would be expensive if purchased at a store.

But if I were to buy it at a store... again (noob question) -- what would I be looking be looking for? I was thinking this is called a video converter, or diverter. The people at RadioShack/Best Buy don’t know what I am talking about when I try to explain what I need to them—because I’m not sure what the device is called.

Anyway, if anyone could let me know what I need to look for at the store that would help me out.
Oh and worst comes to worst, if can’t find this, I’m just going to get two TVs (I know I can get cheap analog ones for free).
After I get this setup my project should be complete.


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Re: Display system - question

Post by daniel_reetz » 09 Dec 2009, 18:46

If I understand you correctly, you want two images on one screen at the same time?

In that case, look for a TV or LCD with PiP (Picture In Picture) -- one camera output will be a large picture, the other will be in a smaller box on screen.

The other thing, if you don't mind switching manually, is to just buy a video switch. RadioShack has them, though you can get them much cheaper pretty much anywhere else. In the Instructable, I built my own just because it was faster than going out and buying one for me.

Some of our forum members have investigated using a laptop with two cheap USB video converters. If you search around on that you may find some information... or hopefully they'll drop by this thread with their experiences.

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Re: Display system - question

Post by rob » 10 Dec 2009, 10:51

If you're talking about switching the TV between one or the other camera, then you're looking for an "A/B video switch". Make sure, though, that you know what connector types you have, so you can get the right kind.
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