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Handy remote USB shutter switch & case.

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Handy remote USB shutter switch & case.

Post by phaedrus » 01 Jan 2010, 23:22

At last I've come across a suitable Canon camera that will work with CHDK (an A530), the main thing I was wanting of course was the remote shutter switch so that things would be easier to operate all round.

I'm fairly conversant with electronics so no problem to wire up something but I couldn't immediately find a suitably nice box to mount a push-button switch into. After some casting around my eyes fell upon a discarded mouse that I had in a junk-box. An obvious choice I should think although not what I thought about initially!

As this was an old ball-type mouse I took it apart and removed the ball & associated slot-wheels, took out the PCB and carefully cut the tracks around the microswitches and removed the PS2 cord so that no part of the original mouse circuitry could interfere with what I was wanting to do. Given I'd determined this was to be a junk project I cut off the end of a USB extension cable and soldered the appropriate(red+white) wires to the bottom of the PCB and a battery holder. The associated battery was a 3v 'button' type which, along with its holder, was supplied by an old ASUS motherboard I had laying around. The battery & holder neatly fitted into the receptacle where the ball used to go. After some judicious filing to make the USB cable fit better (it was a larger diameter than the original mouse cord) it all fell back into place and made a very neat and easy to use remote shutter switch. I'm particularly happy about this as I'm hoping that it'll look less like a dubious hacked around bit of kit if I ever need to defend what I'm doing to an irate archivist who doesn't appreciate such things - a mouse would be fairly non-threatening I should think :mrgreen:

In this case I just used the LH mouse switch for the camera but clearly you could use the LH & RH switches to control two cameras separately or use the other (cut-off) end of the extension cable wired to a two-port chassis-mount USB socket from the dead motherboard to make an adapter that would control two (or more) cameras from the same single switch. I should think you'd get some isolating diodes from the same motherboard should you need them too. As an interesting aside I discovered that while the A530 worked well with the 3v battery an A550 wouldn't - it needed 4.5v to operate.

I took a couple of photos before I put it back together but didn't have the macro on so they're a bit out of focus, however I'm sure you don't need YAMP (YetAnotherMousePhoto) to imagine how it all works. If I get enthusiastic I'll take some more and put them up on this post...

Cheers, P.


Re: Handy remote USB shutter switch & case.

Post by DSpider » 02 Jan 2010, 07:48

That's actually a good idea. Extend the left click button of an old mouse. If you don't have one laying around, ask some friends if they do or an IT department (some of them would be glad to give them away for cheap and sometimes even for free) or simply buy the cheapest, ugliest mouse you can. It's like $3 or something like that and it doesn't matter if it's USB or not (you could use a PS/2-to-USB adaptor).

Still... How important is it for the trigger button to be on the handle ?

Why not just use an extension cord for the keyboard ? I mean, would using the space bar on the keyboard lower productivity that much ?

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