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CHDK on a2200

Posted: 30 Aug 2013, 08:32
by yesplease
I have a 2 canon a2200 setup that was preconfigured when i ordered it. (
One of them where crashing a lot and when swapping SD-cards it became clear that it was the card which was the problem.
When plugging in the SD-card directly into the computer i discovered that small thumbnail pictures were still there after a book was finnished and i had used an automatic script for uploading and erasing pictures.
So for a long time i have used the procedure of plugging in the SD-card and erasing the thumbnailpictures as to make sure the card wont get full.

Now i have got a problem where that SD-cards says it is out of memory while there is only 30mb of CHDK on it.
So i want to reinstall CHDK.

According to this page, using the same cameras, you cant reinstall the sd-cards yourself.
Whats the problem with reinstalling it my self?

Re: CHDK on a2200

Posted: 30 Aug 2013, 08:49
by jbaiter
That shouldn't be a problem at all, just remove the cards from your cameras, unlock them, remove all CHDK files and folders (or format the card), copy new files over, lock the SD card, re-insert, done.
I think the Wiki tells people not to remove the SD card because it's located in a hackerspace, and you don't want people messing with the CHDK files, potentially disabling it, etc.

Re: CHDK on a2200

Posted: 30 Aug 2013, 12:32
by daniel_reetz
jbaiter has it right. You can install CHDK yourself. Those are rules for a specific hackerspace, not for you.

Re: CHDK on a2200

Posted: 28 Sep 2013, 16:12
by yesplease
Thank you for the quick answer!
I will try that as soon as i get hold of a good replacement SD-card!

Re: CHDK on a2200

Posted: 27 Oct 2013, 11:07
by yesplease
I have unlocked the working card and copied the files directly from the ubntu filebrowser, and then copied the files onto the new card. It does not work. Something about finding the CHDK version i think. Note that i am using testing the new card with the same camera as which the functioning card is installed in.
When trying to copy the card using win32 diwsk imager the program says the file system is incompatible.

When using the following command in ubuntu:
sudo dd if=dev/a2200 of=home/Einsteinsaur/backup.img
it says it cant find "dev/a2200"

Im not an experienced ubuntu user and didnt install the CHDK myself.
What i want to do is to copy the card from the other camera, does that even work?

Re: CHDK on a2200

Posted: 27 Oct 2013, 15:48
by abmartin
I can only answer one of your questions quickly. (Truthfully, it's been so long since I installed CHDK, that I don't remember the details, but I you need to make the cards bootable as well as copying files. )

The reason it cannot find /dev/a2200 is because that's not a system device. The /dev/ stuff is very deep down in the system and the reasons for it is a history lesson in itself. Suffice it to say that the partition name is independent of it's system ID. To find out what the correct /dev/ entry for your device, there are two ways. If the disk is already mounted, you can find that by just typing "mount" in a terminal and that will list all currently mounted partitions. You can also use blkid as root (or sudo) to list all connected devices. That makes it pretty clear which /dev/sdx# goes with which partition. They should also all be listed in /proc/partitions.

Be very careful with dd. It doesn't warn if you make a mistake. (It's often referred to as Destroy Disk, since we all, at some point, messed up a floppy or two by doing something wrong) Particularly, if you are copying to a /dev/sdx, be sure to have the correct device, because the wrong letter can mean you overwrite a drive for which you care deeply.

Re: CHDK on a2200

Posted: 28 Oct 2013, 02:55
by yesplease
3 newbie Lessons:

1 Use EOScard on a newly formatted card to make a bootsector.
2 The bootsector must be installed before and not after CHDK is copied to the card.
3 CHDK is just some files on the card, it doesnt change the firmware on the camera. Its totally reversable. Its function does however, depend, on the firmware installed in the camera.

I will write a book about this some day...

Re: CHDK on a2200

Posted: 31 Oct 2013, 03:22
by yesplease
After PM about this:
There was no thread about this, i found information about EOScard via the CHDK-wiki.
On the EOScard webpage there are some very accessible instrucitons, and the program is very straightforward.

On another note, i couldnt repeat the process again. I couldnt make my SD-card bootable when i tried again with my old CHDK.

Now its working, the method i used was:
Format with the cameras built-in formatting function (low-level)
Use EOScard
Copy CHDK files to the SD-card. (using the version correct for the camera, instructions are on CHDK homepage)
Install the card in the camera, still unlocked.
Activate CHDK by starting the camera with the play-button while in playbackmode(the camera on the wheel), furthest down in the menu choose "firmware update"
NOTICE! You dont actually update the firmware, thats not possible with the files from CHDK, youll just start CHDK.
Activate CHDKs alt-mode.
Menu, misc-stuff, make card bootable.
Lock card.
Party hard.

Re: CHDK on a2200

Posted: 02 Nov 2013, 18:20
by daniel_reetz
yesplease wrote: Lock card.
Party hard.

Re: CHDK on a2200

Posted: 03 Nov 2013, 09:00
by nafraf
It is possible to use STICK to install CHDK.