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iPhone 6s third-party lenses

Posted: 01 Jul 2017, 14:44
by digitalgnome
Hello all

I have just built a cardboard book scanner and its working great with a borrowed DSLR camera.

However, with my iPhone, due to the tripod and distance from the book, I am relying on digital zoom which isn't getting the best results.

I am thinking of getting a third-party optical lens for it but I am not sure what to get.

Could anyone recommended something please?

I was going to look at macro lenses not sure if this is right path to go down.

Re: iPhone 6s third-party lenses

Posted: 01 Jul 2017, 21:04
by Mohib
I've been looking at these for smartphone scanning as well to avoid using digital zoom. However, results are acceptable even from an iPhone 4s (see samples I've posted here: viewtopic.php?f=14&t=3401) with upto 2x digital zoom (depending on what you're trying to accomplish).

The zoom smartphone lenses are pretty useless from what I've seen. Image quality suffers greatly as you move away from the centre and, given we want to scan text, image quality is essential (even if we assume we'll lose 15% of the field of view).

Telephoto is probably what you need (you can tell exactly if you put your phone on the scanner and see if you need to zoom in to get the page to fill the image). That said, prices for a good lens range all over the map, from $20 to $200.

Here are reviews of the 3 best I've found (I'll be getting the Aukey telephoto myself -- based on the excellent test chart image at the review below):

Aukey ($20 for 2x zoom -- they also have a 3x which I think will be too much zoom) ... amera-lens ... y&path=225

Moment ($100) ... -and-tele/

Zeiss ($200)

Re: iPhone 6s third-party lenses

Posted: 02 Jul 2017, 12:29
by digitalgnome
Wow love your set up mine isn't quiet as advanced as that.

Maybe I will design something to suit my books and workflow after some more practice.

I have tried the Camera Plus APP with ISO 50 and high res JPEG its a bit better.
I might try TIFF later as I have 128GB and its syncing to a NAS box on my home network.

Already have a remote which works great with the phone.

Going to bite the bullet and try the Aukey telephoto myself as the price is very reasonable.

Many thanks