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Camera Button on Steroids

Everything camera related. Includes triggers, batteries, power supplies, flatbeds and sheet-feeding scanners, too.
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Re: Camera Button on Steroids

Post by 70k1 » 24 Jan 2011, 16:24

Aaaaah i´ll go insane....
I´ve tried to use this script 1000 Times, but it alwas crashes my cams (a480´s).

I´ve did it like its told in the instruction

1.You will need at least SDM 1.80 for the supported cameras. Here is video instruction.
2.You need to copy this program on to your camera’s SD-Card.
It is probably best to copy it into /CHDK/SCRIPTS/ folder.
3.Enter you Camera’s Alternate mode. This is typically done by pressing the print button. When in Alternate mode, you will see ALT in the bottom of the screen.
4.Within ALT mode, press Menu button to activate SDM menu.
5.Navigate to “Scripting…” and the click the “Set” button
6.Select load script from file
7.Scroll down to adjust preferred settings. For example, each camera can be set to respond to a specific number of clicks (i.e. set left camera to 2, and right camera to 3).
8.Exit back to ALT mode
9.You should see “Edvin’s USB snap” in the bottom of the screen
10.Press the camera shutter button (shoot) one time to start the program
You should see “Remote Capture Ready"
Each camera can be set so that a sequence of clicks will activate a particular camera. In below instructions, a dot will denote a short click, and a dash will denote a long click.

It works till step 10.
I see “Edvin’s USB snap” in the bottom of the screen, the i press the shutter and then i see ***STARTED***, after that i can´t use any buttons and after 5-10 seconds the screen goes black and i have to restart the cam!!
What can i do??
I´ve changed change the "Display LCD off" setting to "Script", but that doesn´t work either!

Anybody have a clue?

Sorry my Englisch is awful so i would be grateful for simple englisch sorry

PS: Here i tried to explain what i want

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Re: Camera Button on Steroids

Post by you1 » 24 Jan 2011, 19:20

Hi 70k1,

I want to appligize for any frustration and loss of time that the script has caused you (and anyone else for that matter).

Too bad the "Notify me when a reply is posted" is not enabled by default so that I would get messages to other threads.
I've been out of synch for a little.

Recently, I updated to Stereo Data Maker 1.84 and noticed that I had to tweak the code to make it work (was freezing for mee as well). Hopefully, the attached update should address the same issue I observed.

I have noticed that under a specific condition (I don't recall which functions), the camera still freezes.
Unfortunately, I had to resort to strange coding practices to resolve the issue.
After all, it is a script running on Stereo Data Maker, which is a hack to Canon.

Let me know how it works out for you.

Side note - I recently took a usability course and learned that mapping more than one function to to a button makes it hard for users to remember and learn the operation. Well, that is exactly what we've done here. To be honest, I really haven't used the extra functions that often (because I don't usually remember them); however, I sill continue to use the steroid version of the script.

For those that want a simple "quick snap" that "should" work every time (without the extra features), you may find the last thread by Moonboy242 at http://diybookscanner.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=599 worth while.

Works with Stereo Data Maker 1.84
(3.1 KiB) Downloaded 202 times

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Re: Camera Button on Steroids

Post by steve1066d » 24 Jan 2011, 21:34

Here's the chdk script that I use. It has the advantage that it does the half shutter press ahead of time, so it takes the picture pretty much immediately when you use the remote:

Code: Select all

@title Remote button
press "shoot_half"
until (is_key "remote")
click "shoot_full"
release "shoot_half"
goto "loop"
Steve Devore
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Re: Camera Button on Steroids

Post by 70k1 » 25 Jan 2011, 06:54

Hi you1,
you didn´t have to appologize for nothing, because i´ts great that you made this script for the cummunity :) .
I thougt i was too dumb too use it, but now i know everything is ok :D

Thank you for the new script, i´ll try it later and give you a reply.
@ all who helped me
Greetz from Germany

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Re: Camera Button on Steroids

Post by schaema » 26 Jan 2011, 12:32

Hi you1,
thanks for the excellent work.
I tryed your new version on my two A480 and unfortunatly, I receive a parse error.
That happens right after the first focus, no shot will be made.
After this focus, the camera shows a parse error and I have to enter/renter alt-mode.
Happens on both mof my A480 and every time.
Not very important but I hoped that your script helps me gettinga round the focus-problem for nearly empty pages.
Kind Regards,

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