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Why using plexiglass?

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Why using plexiglass?

Post by siscan » 17 Jun 2013, 04:29


Is there any specific reason you're using plexiglass instead of normal glass?

I am from Germany and it seems that using normal glass is much cheaper?


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Re: Why using plexiglass?

Post by Gothiczartan84 » 09 Aug 2013, 00:30

I was going to ask that question.

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Re: Why using plexiglass?

Post by dpc » 09 Aug 2013, 19:37

Plexiglas (clear acrylic sheet) is actually cheaper than glass where I live. It also doesn't cut you when working with it and can be cut, drilled, beveled, and glued pretty easily compared to double-strength glass. You can also drop it and it won't shatter like glass. The downsides of acrylic are that it scratches easily and attracts dust more than glass does.

I typically do prototype work with acrylic and then once I get the design down replace it with custom cut glass.

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