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Optics: light and reflections resources

Posted: 05 Jan 2018, 15:40
by coldbrew

I have read at least two threads and watched an online video about which angle is better for a V shaped platen design, and problems had with reflections. I wanted to learn more about the topic, regardless of the scanner build-design and found these resources, which might also be of interest to others:

1. Optics: Light, Color, and Their Uses Educator Guide ... Guide.html
Of which: Reflection of Light With Two Plane Mirrors - Double Mirrors Placed at a Number of Angles might be of interest for those with V-shaped designs.
(ttps:// ... ngles.html

2. Ray Optics Simulator (by github user rictu288) Which will let you simulate light sources, positions, etc.

P.S. I wasn't sure where to post it, so it ended up in here.