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Lytro Illum lightfield camera on sale today Nov 9 2015

Posted: 09 Nov 2015, 04:22
by vitorio ... cnt_dly_tl

I'm posting this here instead of in Cameras and Electronics because the final 2D images are only 4MP. You don't want this as your primary Hackerspace or Archivist camera.

Rather, the Lytro Illum captures lightfield data about a scene, supporting refocusing it after the photo is taken. One of the outputs is a 3D depth map. And unlike something like the Google Project Tango tablet, which also creates a 3D depth map, the Illum can focus on things as close as right up against the lens, where the Tango has the typical smartphone problems of things needing to be at least 18" away.

But, with the depth map, maybe you can flatten and then reassemble a series of 4MP photos into a high-res capture.