Daniel Reetz, the founder of the DIY Book Scanner community, has recently started making videos of prototyping and shop tips. If you are tinkering with a book scanner (or any other project) in your home shop, these tips will come in handy. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCn0gq8 ... g_8K1nfInQ

New Book Scanner ( page turner & tablet )

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New Book Scanner ( page turner & tablet )

Post by longriver » 21 Jul 2016, 03:59

I'm looking for the book scanner.
Recently, I found  new product in Japan.



Has anybody seen this ?

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Re: New Book Scanner ( page turner & tablet )

Post by dpc » 22 Jul 2016, 15:27

Thank you for posting a link to this new Casio book scanner. Do you happen to know the retail cost of this device?

I don't understand the target market of this device. People that tend to buy automated page turning book scanners typically have many books to scan. Those type of people want higher quality images than what is produced by a tablet or phone camera and the simple lighting system used by this device.

Other problems:
- The scanner doesn't support books that are naturally closed and that won't lie open (flat) while taking the photo (i.e. paperback novels) .
- You have to have an operator available to flip the book to scan the even numbered pages.

The real value here appears to be in the software. I can see that being popular for the occasional book scanner person if Casio produced an inexpensive light stand that would work with a phone/tablet and allow the operator to turn the pages manually. A human operator could turn/photograph pages as fast as this page turner could, so if you're not having to scan a large number of books in one sitting I could see that being a perfectly valid scenario.

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Re: New Book Scanner ( page turner & tablet )

Post by Gandalf » 21 Jun 2017, 13:50

"Sold in mid-June around $ 900 USD " on you-tube.

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Re: New Book Scanner ( page turner & tablet )

Post by L.Willms » 21 Apr 2018, 10:55

Looks interesting!

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Re: New Book Scanner ( page turner & tablet )

Post by kc4ydx » 07 Apr 2019, 18:50


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Re: New Book Scanner ( page turner & tablet )

Post by MHamiltonVisuals » 10 Apr 2019, 13:26

I was actually looking forward to picking one of these up. Possibly can find another place still selling them. hmmmm

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