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Future of the book video from IDEO

Posted: 18 Dec 2010, 18:09
by daniel_reetz

Re: Future of the book video from IDEO

Posted: 20 Dec 2010, 10:19
by rob
IDEO definitely has a bunch of smart folks.

True story: About ten years ago, my group at work had some creativity people come in, who had us go through creativity exercises. If you've even been in a large corporation, you know the sort of thing I'm talking about. Anyway, the introduction was a short video about IDEO. At the time, I'd never heard of IDEO. I was enamored by the open warehouse design of their offices -- one guy used a rope and pulley system to park his bike above his cube -- and by the creative process they went through. One segment was about reinventing the shopping cart. Apparently someone had the right idea, because a few years later, I started seeing small two-level shopping carts, similar to the one described in the video. I use them exclusively over the one-level large deep shopping carts. The point is, I was floored by IDEO.

Thanks to Wikipedia, I now know that the video shown was the "Deep Dive" episode of ABC's Nightline. Hooray for trivia.

Anyway, after the video was over, I turned to my boss (with whom I had a good relationship, BTW), smiled, and said, "I'm giving you my two weeks' notice." He didn't react. I figured he was either zoned out, or not entirely certain it was a joke. So I sort of laughed uncomfortably.

Now, as for the book idea. What tablet is that? I don't know of any that is black and not branded, except for the upcoming ChromeOS ones from Google. So was this an actual demo, or a 'shop?

Re: Future of the book video from IDEO

Posted: 20 Dec 2010, 12:39
by daniel_reetz
Oh, it's purely a 'shop.

Someday, I'm going to have a warehouse like that. SOMEDAY, ROB!