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Instructional Document Scanners

Posted: 19 Nov 2018, 20:54
by freewheeling
I've noticed a couple of posts on the IPEVO Ziggi-HD "document scanner" and there are a few Youtube videos about using it for book scanning that look promising. The Ziggi-HD is out of production, though, and they've gone with three new 8 MP devices. I ordered the cheapest one, the V4K. It's around $100 compared to $200 for the "dual mode" VZ-R (which seems more oriented toward real time presentation) and the Wireless/Bluetooth VZ-X for about $300. The main advantage of the VZ-R and VZ-X is that they have their own video hardware so don't need a computer for presentation, and they also have built-in LED lighting and HDMI connection. But I figured that for $100 I'd get something that might work and would be much faster than a flatbed scanner. The CZUR looks like it can be purchased for under $400 but the IPEVO company looks like a solid group which concentrates on the educational teacher market so it's worth a shot.