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mac software - split vertic. A3 - erase thumbs

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mac software - split vertic. A3 - erase thumbs

Post by Frederik » 23 Jun 2018, 11:10

Dear all,

What is my goal?
I have a huge library of music scores.
The scores printed on A4 are already scanned through a Brother ADS-2100
This works very well.
The books are another problem.
I have an Iphone and Ipad pro.
This is my plan:
Scan a book - format max. A3 - with Phone or Pad
(I’ll build a construction for scanning.)
The software splits the pages vertically AND sorts them in the right order.
Option1: fingers left and right are deleted.
Option2: curving of the pages is corrected
OCR is not needed.
Is there any software solution?
What is your experience with Bookscanner & Office Lens (both Mac app store)?
I found the perfect application: Booksorber, but this doesn’t seem to respond any more for several years
and it refuses to run on mac (despite the needed installation of Java).
Thanks for your useful advise,


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