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Bitonal conversion using Photoshop (Gimp & Imagemagic...)

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Re: Bitonal conversion using Photoshop (Gimp & Imagemagic...

Post by murgen » 02 Mar 2015, 07:20

Nothing changes : As soon as I put the command into single or double escaped bracket, I got the function errors.
Can you post a command that works on your setting. Actually with all the failures, I am not even sure of what should be code.
If I remove the enclosing non-escaped double quotes, I get the "batch command executed successfully" but nothing output.
I put trace message into the function. they appear when I run the function from the script but not from the command line. As far as I am concerned the function is never started from the command line.

Script-fu is a real pain.
No batch interpreter specified, using the default 'plug-in-script-fu-eval'.
batch command experienced an execution error:
Error: (<unknown> : 18140835) eval: unbound variable: bitonal-converter-batch

EXIT: gimp_exit
EXIT: gimp_real_exit
Writing 'C:\Documents and Settings\P0957\.gimp-2.8\templaterc'
Writing 'C:\Documents and Settings\P0957\.gimp-2.8\parasiterc'
Writing 'C:\Documents and Settings\P0957\.gimp-2.8\unitrc'
EXIT: app_exit_after_callback

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Re: Bitonal conversion using Photoshop (Gimp & Imagemagic...

Post by duerig » 02 Mar 2015, 10:40

The command I posted before is the one that works for me. Your error message seems to indicate that the bitonal converter plugin isn't installed correctly. The only thing I can think of is that perhaps you put the .scm file in the 'plugins' directory. While it should be in the 'scripts' directory.

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