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Linux Bookscanning Guide

Posted: 10 Sep 2013, 12:14
by ncraun
Hello All,

I have recently put together a document describing my linux bookscanning workflow. I have some general scanning tips for using different types of scanners (flatbed, formfeed, portable), and also more specific instructions for using them with a Linux based system. I have made a camera based scaner, which I will post about on this forum in a bit, but I haven't written anything up about it. I also talk about how to use a poorly scanned PDF as the source, extract it to pages and post process them. I cover the basics of using ScanTailor to post process. Finally, I explain how to create small PDF and DJVU files with OCR, and chapter indexing. I have links and names for all neccessary software, all of which have been tested and confirmed to list on Linux, and explain invocation for all commands. I don't cover the use of my smoothscan tool, as smoothscan is still a very young piece of software, and not quite ready for production use. I hope it will be useful to people new to book scanning, new to Linux, or new to Linux book scanning.

You can read the guide here: ... nning.html

I'm sorry for not just posting the entire guide on here, but I am going to do many updates, and it would be difficult to keep the forum post and the site page in sync, so I will just focus on my page.

Re: Linux Bookscanning Guide

Posted: 13 Sep 2013, 22:21
by daniel_reetz
Nice work and thanks ncraun!

Re: Linux Bookscanning Guide

Posted: 15 Mar 2014, 18:02
by PossumPete
Thanks Nate, this is very helpful!

Re: Linux Bookscanning Guide

Posted: 22 Jun 2016, 14:49
by bkrpr
I had similar needs but for a different audience so I ended up also writing a guide to book scanning using free software. In the interests of avoiding us all doing this many times, I put everything up on github:

Patches are most certainly welcome and, if there is interest, we can move the whole thing to a github organization so multiple people can have write access.