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Scantools for Linux - add OCR to existing PDF or create ocr'd PDF's from scans

Posted: 16 Jan 2020, 06:18
by Krokkie
Scantools for Linux - convert to PDF with OCR

It may interest some users in the community to produce OCR'd PDF's. There are already some solutions in place for this (such as pdfbeads or but how about just adding OCR on the fly by processing an existing scan to PDF or just add OCR to an existing PDF?

Scantools is a set of Linux PDF/A tools with the ability to perform OCR.


Downloads here

Usage Examples:

Add OCR to existing PDF with ocrPDF

ocrPDF book.pdf -o bookocr.pdf

Produce OCR'd PDF from a JPG scan with image2pdf

image2pdf scan.jpg -p A4 -r fit -b -o scanocr.pdf