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Basic Tool to assist image magic

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Basic Tool to assist image magic

Post by CaptOn » 30 Jun 2013, 06:26

HI, I'm working on developing a workflow similar to that used in book scan wizzard. (I'm using windows 8), but i need a simple little image viewer that will let me draw polygons in a layer over the image and then copy the points over into my script file, as you can in Book scan wizzard. At the moment i'm thinking of just using the viewer in book scan wizzard but i was wondering if anyone knew anything else as it's a bit slow?

I'm hoping to develop a complete workflow from image capture to OCR PDF or DOC file of automation, and also to put together some tutorials on how to use the command line for someone who has never used it before. The obvious advantage of the image magic and using the shell to acheive this is that you can pipe the output of one program straight into another and just interject manual control only where you really need it.

Some goals for my project are to be able to re-assemble cross links between the contents of a book and their corresponding heading within the pages of the book, and similarly indexes also. I must admit i don't have a great knowledge of most e-book formats to know if it would work for that but I personaly am only really interested in HTML, PDF and DOC.

In terms of software, this would be able to be used with the "Standard Scanner", my personal scanner is not the "Standard Scanner" but functionaly is the same.

Having said that I'm considering adding some laser mounts to my scanner to be used for page straightening and de-trapazoiding the page, however this could be just a fork for the project.

Also i'm wanting to build up a collection of tools that you can use or not use, whatever suits, to analyse the page that you can use to then pass arguments straight into image magic.

But thats a long way down the track at this stage.

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