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Twocamcontrol disconnecting my camera

Posted: 29 Dec 2017, 23:55
by draculadave1

I have been trying to get Twocamcontrol to work on my laptop (64bit, windows 10) with no success. When I plug in the cameras, I hear the windows device connect sound (which I normally hate, but which helped me to figure out what was going on). I hear the sound for each camera, which means that they are turned on and ready to go. When I start twocamcontrol and tell it to connect, I immediately hear the device disconnect sound. When the two black screens appear, one of them shows that the camera is on and ready to go (and the lens expands, etc), while the other screen says that there was an error and the camera did not connect. As twocamcontrol is disconnecting the device at the instant that I start it, I find it ironic that the program is telling me that there is a connection error, as it created it.

Any suggestions about why this is occurring? I initially thought that there were cable problems, but this is not the case. I have switched out cables and used different cables on the same cameras, different cameras, same ports, different ports, etc. It does not happen when I use the program on my desktop, but I don't really have room for the scanner in my office and want to use it in a place where I have sufficient room. Any thoughts or suggestions?


Re: Twocamcontrol disconnecting my camera

Posted: 30 Dec 2017, 10:36
by Konos93a
what camera do u have?

Re: Twocamcontrol disconnecting my camera

Posted: 30 Dec 2017, 16:14
by draculadave1
I am using two Canon Powerhot ELPH 160s. I have installed CHDK on both of them and that works fine.

Re: Twocamcontrol disconnecting my camera

Posted: 11 Feb 2018, 18:25
by dtic
draculadave1 wrote:
29 Dec 2017, 23:55
It does not happen when I use the program on my desktop
Check that you have the same versions of chdkptp on your Laptop and PC. If not then copy over the version from the PC to the Laptop and retry.

Doublecheck that you have LibUSB installed for both cameras on the Laptop. Windows can in some situations remove the driver so that LibUSB has to be installed again. ... or_Windows

If LibUSB is verified to be installed on the Laptop and the problem is still there:

First test using TwoCamControl with only one camera plugged in. Does that work for each camera?

Second plug in both cameras and try to manually connect to each of them with chdkptp in separate cmd windows (without TwoCamControl).

Open cmd windows in your chdkptp folder and do these commands

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chdkptp -c -i
That starts interactive mode and you should see "con>" in the cmd window.
Then do these commands one by one

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luar switch_mode_usb(1)

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path C:/some folder/testfile
note: Change the path to an existing folder. Use frontslashes in the path, not backslashes.

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If things are working correctly chdkptp will shoot a photo and save it as C:/some folder/testfile.jpg
If some of that doesn't work then the problem is probably an issue with CHDK/LibUSB/chdkptp or something else on your Laptop, not TwoCamControl.