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cpdf-binaries: PDF Command Line Tools binaries for Linux, Mac, Windows.

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cpdf-binaries: PDF Command Line Tools binaries for Linux, Mac, Windows.

Post by b0bcat » 28 Sep 2018, 18:52

I chanced on this a while ago and not readily finding it mentioned here already I thought I'd, er, bookmark it.


PDF Command Line Tools binaries for Linux, Mac, Windows.

For non-commercial use only. See the file LICENSE for details. For commercial use, a license must be purchased from http://www.coherentpdf.com.

It prints a little message to stderr about the non-commercial license.

Quality Split and Merge, keeping bookmarks. Extract pages. Split on Bookmarks.
Encrypt and Decrypt (including AES 128 and AES 256 encryption)
Scale, rotate, crop and flip pages. Scale pages to fit
Copy, Remove and Add bookmarks
Stamp logos, watermarks, page numbers and multiline text. Transparency.
Supports Unicode UTF8 text input and output
Make PDF-based presentations
Put multiple pages on a single page
Add, remove and manipulate annotations
Read and set document information and metadata
Add and remove file attachments to document or page.
Thicken hairlines, blacken text, make draft documents
Reconstruct malformed files
Detect missing fonts, low resolution images
Combine multiple operations in a single command


PDF Manual:





To Install

The program cpdf (or cpdf.exe for Windows) is a single executable with no dependencies. Copy it to somewhere suitable on your platform.

Raise an issue in this github repository, or email contact [AT] coherentgraphics.co.uk

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Re: cpdf-binaries: PDF Command Line Tools binaries for Linux, Mac, Windows.

Post by zbgns » 29 Sep 2018, 06:44

Good to know about this program existence. It seems to be a replacement to pdftk, I'm using, but is even richer in functions.
Thank you for this info.

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