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PiScan crashes

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PiScan crashes

Post by revwarguy » 09 Mar 2020, 20:30

PiScan 1.5 crashes way too often, by just throwing:

Crash Log (Errno 5) Input output error (5. input/output error)
File 'main py', line 1287, in update
File 'main py', line 62, in save
IOError [Errno 5] input/output error

I go 20-30 page turns and this happens.
What gives?

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Re: PiScan crashes

Post by duerig » 10 Mar 2020, 16:44

The first thing that I'd check is your external storage device. This is an error that is occurring as it tries to write the photograph out to it. So if there was a file system corruption or bad sectors on the device, that would be the most likely problem. Scan the thumb drive or SD card with a computer or try a different one. Try formatting it to completely clean it. I'm specifically talking about the SD card/thumb drive that you use to save photos off and not the ones that you insert into cameras or the Raspberry Pi.

Make sure you are not habitually doing anything that will cause the filesystem to become corrupt over time. Removing it from a computer without properly ejecting it in software for example. Or not tapping the 'complete' button when you are finished scanning and just pulling it out of the USB slot when you are using it in Pi Scan.

If this doesn't work, I do have a developmental version that is more stable for CHDK cameras that I can give you a download link to in PM. I haven't released it publicly yet because I need to do more testing of it in conjunction with gPhoto DSLR cameras.

-Jonathon Duerig

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