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OSX MacOS. Sierra Scantailor

Scan Tailor specific announcements, releases, workflows, tips, etc. NO FEATURE REQUESTS IN THIS FORUM, please.
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OSX MacOS. Sierra Scantailor

Post by jaffamuffin » 05 Apr 2017, 09:42

Hi All

Has anyone got any recent binaries, or a how to on compiling it for MacOS. I've read the four but most links I follow are dead, and most discussion took place 5+ years ago. Is there anything happening recently on this ?

I just got a shiny new fast Macintosh and would really like to have had the power of scan tailor available to me. Is it a case of running in a windows VM then ?

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Re: OSX MacOS. Sierra Scantailor

Post by zbgns » 06 Apr 2017, 04:16

Hi jaffamuffin,

There is a wiki on building Scan Tailor from source (Linux and Mac OS X) under this link:
https://github.com/scantailor/scantailo ... d-Mac-OS-X

I have experiences with building ST (Experimental Branch) on Linux only, but I suppose it should not be more difficult on Mac OS. It seems to be much better option than running VM and windows version of ST on the top of it.

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Re: OSX MacOS. Sierra Scantailor

Post by louiscan » Yesterday, 20:43

I can't comment on other branches of ScanTailor, but for those interested in using ScanTailor Experimental (aka STE: Tulon's fork that has improvements on a number of levels) on MacOS, there "shouldn't" be major problems compiling it, as I've done it a number of times successfully. The dependencies for STE are different than for older branches for which the wiki is written, so those directions aren't necessarily going to help.

Here are the steps that worked for me. If you try them and it doesn't work, go ahead and reply here and perhaps we can get a working set of MacOS install directions for STE. I tested these running MacOS Sierra 10.12.4.

1) Grab the source code and unzip, from:

2) Make sure you have homebrew installed.

3) Using homebrew, install the following dependencies:

Code: Select all

brew install cmake eigen qt5 jpeg libtiff boost
* For future reference: when I tested this, homebrew installed the following versions of these packages:
cmake (3.8.0), eigen (3.3.3), qt5 (5.8.0_2), jpeg (8d), libtiff (4.0.7_3), boost (1.64.0_1)

4) Within the directory scantailor-experimental, run:

Code: Select all

cmake . -DCMAKE_PREFIX_PATH=/usr/local/Cellar/qt/5.8.0_2 
* If this command runs successfully without producing errors, it should end with something like:

Code: Select all

- Configuring done 
- Generating done 
* If it didn't run successfully, it should give you information on what happened: perhaps a missing dependency, if (for example) you aren't using homebrew and/or don't have the correct versions of the libraries.
* If cmake complains that it cannot find QtCore, then you need to adjust the CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH from what I've given above to where QtCore is on your system. This will definitely be the case if you have installed Qt5 in a manner other than using homebrew. Likewise, if homebrew installed a different version, you'll obviously have to adjust the path accordingly. Wherever it is, you need to provide the path for cmake to find it. Worst case scenario, break out Spotlight and dig around for a while.

5) Run:

Code: Select all


6) Then, as long as it compiled successfully,

Code: Select all

 sudo make install 
* This will allow you to launch STE from the Terminal (scantailor), but assembling a package that appears as a nice ScanTailor.app in your Applications folder is a whole different thing.

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Re: OSX MacOS. Sierra Scantailor

Post by robertlaing » Today, 05:36

i followed your writing, compilation went fine (same version number of all packages), but i cannot open any jpeg file.
what's wrong, linking with jpeg library?
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