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Scan Tailor "Enhanced"

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Re: Scan Tailor "Enhanced"

Post by chungrdmv » 22 Apr 2014, 13:31

I am a newbie. I am a little confused. I thought I read, on a post in the forum, that Scan Tailor was moved to Github. I also read some posts on Reddit that Sourceforge was pushing adware/malware with installers downloaded from their site. Where is the safest place to obtain a copy of Scan Tailor and where is there documentation that can help a newbie install it and get it running.
Thanks for any help and suggestions.

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Re: Scan Tailor "Enhanced"

Post by dtic » 22 Apr 2014, 15:23

The new site is http://scantailor.org/downloads/ . But no new version has yet been released so the installer there is the same as the one on Source Forge I think. If you want Scan Tailor Enhanced then Sourceforge looks to be the only download location at the moment. I've had no problem and no adware bundled from Sourceforge. Here is a tutorial made by the creator of Scan Tailor: http://vimeo.com/12524529

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Re: Scan Tailor "Enhanced"

Post by Tulon » 23 Apr 2014, 05:17

That's right, the official place to download Scan Tailor Enhanced is still SourceForge.

As for adware served in SourceForge downloads, that only happens when project administrators opt in to that programme. They can get a share of the revenue that way. As I didn't opt in, Scan Tailor downloads on SourceForge are adware-free.
Scan Tailor experimental doesn't output 96 DPI images. It's just what your software shows when DPI information is missing. Usually what you get is input DPI times the resolution enhancement factor.

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