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skip scan tailor stage?

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skip scan tailor stage?

Post by jinjin12 » 15 Sep 2011, 23:23

hello, how do i skip the select content and margin stages and go to output? the reason i want to do this is because i only fix the orientation and split my pages. that's all i need to do. however, i can't skip select content and this messes up things because select content messes up my pages, selecting wrong stuff and etc. my pages are perfect without select content and margins but since i can't skip them and have to go through them, they end up messing up my pages. are these steps mandatory? no way to skip them?

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Re: skip scan tailor stage?

Post by eL_PuSHeR » 16 Sep 2011, 02:56

I think you cannot but I might be wrong. On the other hand, why Select Content messes your pages so bad? It works nicely most of the time.

Can you post a sample page?

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Re: skip scan tailor stage?

Post by Anonymous2 » 05 Nov 2011, 14:46

Scan Tailor CLI might be able to do this, but for now, you can't skip. The DPI of each page is recalculated after the content has been selected and the margins applied to make the pages the same size, I think.

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