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Optimize for music

Posted: 09 Nov 2011, 20:34
by daphnis
This program is very useful for processing scans of music, however the biggest problem when feeding it 2-up scans is it erroneously detects the left side of the staff system instead of the spine crease, especially if that crease isn't very pronounced. Would it be possible to add a switch for processing music that effectively decreases this sensativity so, even in the case where there is no spine shadown, it selects a portion between the two pages/systems?

Re: Optimize for music

Posted: 10 Nov 2011, 03:27
by Tulon
I am not actively developing Scan Tailor anymore. I do occasionally commit some code, but these commits are few and far in between. In addition, I don't personally care about music, so I don't see this features being added anytime soon.