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How do I line up page text borders in scan tailor

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How do I line up page text borders in scan tailor

Post by ateeq85 » 12 Jan 2012, 03:01

Can anyone tell me how can I match up the page borders for a book that may have had to be repositioned several times while scanning and as a result the text on one page may be higher or lower then the page on the next, so it may be too far up or too far down. I know desckewing fixes a crooked page but what can be done to line up pages with this problem to make sure every page's text is even page to page

How can I make sure a whole book has pages that are all level to one another in scan tailor?

My left and right pages also seem to be different sizes as well I know this has to be something simple that probably has to do with border settings I just can't figure out what

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Re: How do I line up page text borders in scan tailor

Post by rob » 13 Jan 2012, 12:20

I haven't used ScanTailor in a while -- been busy building scanners, not scanning books :( Are your left and right page images different sizes? If so, then you will need to start from the beginning, and assign the correct dpi to the left and right pages.

As for even borders, in the Page Layout stage, make sure you have Align with other pages checked, and I usually like to choose the align tops button. Run the stage, and then look over each page in the smaller previews on the right. You may run into pages which are not aligned correctly because their text begins lower down. In that case, for that one page, you can move the margins in the main view around to roughly match where it should be on the page.

Sometimes you may even need to go back to the Select Content stage, in case Scan Tailor mistakenly recognized a blank area as part of the text. In some cases, this can result in the entire Page Layout stage being wrong, because it looks at the largest page in terms of content and uses that to determine the book size. So I guess what I'm saying is, run the Select Content stage first, and then look over each page in the preview to make sure there aren't any egregious mistakes.

Anyway, that's the procedure I use. It takes longer than just letting ST run, but the results can't be argued with. For the books I ran through ST, the output text block is rock solid in positioning, even when the original book's textblock positioning wanders around!
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