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Scan Tailor what I dreamed

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Scan Tailor what I dreamed

Post by leescott » 08 Feb 2012, 04:53

I imagine such a ST.
On the upper side of ST is settings,needing only ticked or unticked.
There're such options:rotate or not;page layout;deskew ,auto or manual;content and margin,auto or manual or orignal(page not changed);alignment,orignal or several options;DPI;mode;dewarp;despeckle;apply mode(page range).
On the lower side of ST is "PREVIEW","RUN".
Especially I want to say,I wish using orignal mode to treat some pictures.Even I need dewarping,I wish keeping page contents and margin not changed also.I think ,ST could detects content and dewarps.(When I needn't dewarping,ST would skips step of content and margin,and step of alignment which I mentioned before.)
When we make options,ST can do everything according to its mode and steps(Built-in workflow).

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Re: Scan Tailor what I dreamed

Post by eL_PuSHeR » 09 Feb 2012, 04:26

I think you have two options from now on:

- Keep dreaming...
- Start coding...

Forgive me for the bluntness but this is how things go. Scan Tailor development requires a huge amount of work / effort. On the other hand, there are more contributors/coders now. There is also an "enhanced" version (which is slightly different, adds some features). Check the forum.

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