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scantailor-cli How to set image size.

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scantailor-cli How to set image size.

Post by elviejo » 27 Jun 2012, 17:13

I'm using scantailor-cli to process images one by one.
the problem with this approach is that, in the end all images
end up being of different size. since the size is proportional
to the content box that was found.

However I do know that all this images should in fact be the same size
at the end
Is there a configuration option to set the final size of the image?

For reference this is the command line I'm using:

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scantailor-cli -v    \
--layout=1.5  \
--dpi=264  \
--output-dpi=200  \
--content-detection=109x267:1482x2134  \
--margins-top=5  \
--margins-bottom=5  \
--margins-left=10  \
--margins-right=10  \
--alignment-horizontal=center  \
--alignment-vertical=top \
--threshold=9 \
/home/agarcia/Dropbox/Camera\ Uploads/10-waitingScanTailor/$imagefile \
/home/agarcia/Dropbox/Camera\ Uploads/20-waitingOCR/

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Re: scantailor-cli How to set image size.

Post by pejuko » 05 Jul 2012, 05:49

To keep same size for all images you need either process them all togather or try use --content-box=109x267:1482x2134 parameter instead of --content-detection (this parameter is for something else :-) ).

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Re: scantailor-cli How to set image size.

Post by murgen » 27 Feb 2014, 07:38

2 years later reply but the topic is still upto date this Feb 2014.

I use mogrify from Imagemagick to resize all the images :

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for f in `ls`
  if [ -f  $IMG_DIR_ST_OUT/$f ];then
       mogrify -resize 2130x3767 $f

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