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Open ScanTailer project with Scan Tailor Advanced...

Posted: 09 Apr 2018, 04:43
by L.Willms
I began a project with Scan Tailor Advanced, then continued working on it with the 9.1.1 version -- a lot of time had passed inbetween, and I had forgotten about STA. I opened the project file, and it was opened with the one Scan Tailor installed and registered as the program for files with the .ScanTailor extension.

After having worked as far as creating output, I tried later to open the project again with ScanTailor Advanced, but that tells me "Unable to interpret the project file".

I wanted to open that project because I hoped to find improvements in the area of creating contect boxes, placing such content boxes on the page, and being able to specify the resulting physical dimensions of the output, either in pixels or in cm or mm.


1) up to which of the six steps in the ScanTailor project are the project files still compatible?
1: Fix Orientatoin
2: Split Pages
3. Deskew
4. Select Content
5. Margins
6. Output

2) Is there any chance for a conversion utility to open old projects with STA?

3) Would it make sense to delete some parts from the old project file, and which ones, so that it could be opened with Scan Tailor Advanced? The file is an XML file and could be changed with any text editor.