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Feature Comparison for the Various Flavors of Scan Tailor

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Feature Comparison for the Various Flavors of Scan Tailor

Post by rramphal » 27 Apr 2018, 04:03

Dear fellow Scan Tailor lovers,

It is so wonderful that there is still continued development for this excellent and invaluable piece of software! The only thing is that I am completely confused as to which flavor to use now. There seems to be active development by two of the flavors (Advanced and Universal), and so if anyone can shed some light into how to choose between the two, I'd be most grateful.

I was thinking that, if it doesn't exist already, we could work together to create a feature comparison table to make the choice a bit easier or, at the very least, to serve as a reference.

The list below is bound to have errors, but it is a starting point. Ideally, this could be a Markdown table in a GitHub wiki where anyone could update, but I wasn't sure which repo would be best to contribute to. Since this forum seems to be where all the paths cross, I thought that I'd start the conversation here. I tried to figure out some of the feature differences the best I could, citing them where possible.

  • Scan Tailor
  • Scan Tailor Plus
  • Scan Tailor Featured
  • Scan Tailor for OSX
    • Last updated: 2013
    • Releases: MacOS
    • Code: https://code.google.com/archive/p/scantailor-osx/
    • Notes:
      • seems to be an outdated listing of builds for OSX, but otherwise no real new features or bug fixes
      • includes builds for Scan Tailor, Scan Tailor Enhanced, and Scan Tailor Featured [cite]
      • abandoned
  • Scan Tailor Enhanced
  • Scan Tailor Experimental
    • Last updated: 2017
    • Maintainer: Joseph Artsimovich (Tulon)
    • Releases: Windows 32-bit, Windows 64-bit, source code
    • Code: https://github.com/Tulon/scantailor
    • Notes:
      • moved dewarping to "Deskew" stage [cite]
      • got rid of DPIs altogether [cite]
      • adds a "Match Size by Scaling" feature [cite]
      • compileable on OSX (potential Qt 5 issues) [cite]
      • command-line version broken? [cite]
      • NOTE: "Scan Tailor experimental doesn't output 96 DPI images. It's just what your software shows when DPI information is missing. Usually what you get is input DPI times the resolution enhancement factor." [cite]
  • Scan Tailor Advanced
  • Scan Tailor Universal
    • Last updated: 2018
    • Maintainer: Alexander Trufanov (trufanov-nok)
    • Releases: MacOS, Linux 64-bit, Linux AMD 64-bit, source code
    • Code: https://github.com/trufanov-nok/scantailor
    • Notes:
      • adds features from Scan Tailor Featured and Scan Tailor Enhanced
      • doesn't seem to have a presence on this forum [cite]
      • seems to prioritize MacOS compatibility [cite]

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Re: Feature Comparison for the Various Flavors of Scan Tailor

Post by daa » 28 Apr 2018, 00:31

Two points about ST Universal

1. ST Roadmap is done IMHO there completely
https://github.com/scantailor/scantailo ... oadmap-1.0

So it has
- background / foreground splitting; disabling lightening correction in picture zones (STF)
- select content disabling, borders and apply cut (STE)
- autosave & larger range for binarization threshold (STP)

2. Check menu Tools - Settings for options and features. I am not able to list them all here.

Notice following goodies (should be turned on in options to be active):
- space bar will show original image at output stage (checkbox in output)
- disabling of smoothing (checkbox in output - b&w mode)

3. As STA fork has adapted a lot of original STU features the most specific STU features now are
- "Hotkey management"
- new so called "foreground layer" at Output stage
Its description: https://github.com/scantailor/scantailor/issues/264

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Re: Feature Comparison for the Various Flavors of Scan Tailor

Post by 4lex4 » 28 Apr 2018, 12:41

daa wrote:
28 Apr 2018, 00:31
3. As STA fork has adapted a lot of original STU features the most specific STU features now are
STA hasn't any original STU features adapted, all the similar features, that you can see, had another implementations and was developed from scratch. Nevertheless STU gave me the ideas of those, but I rejected to adapt those features and implemented them in another way, so they even worked differently at that time.

The features of STA are described in the readme at the project page.

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Re: Feature Comparison for the Various Flavors of Scan Tailor

Post by dpc » 28 Apr 2018, 13:41

Listing the current version numbers of the various flavors would be beneficial.

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