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FEATURES - Snap on the select content

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FEATURES - Snap on the select content

Post by JacopoTore » 21 Jul 2019, 15:05

Hi everyone, I hope I don't post the proposal I'm about to ask a second time.
ScanTailor often misses the selection of automatic content and by moving the sides of the blue square you switch to manual mode which would be much more useful if you could use an option to automatically "anchor" the side towards the content (text or drawing).
Let me explain:
when I scan just one page at a time it often happens that there is a part of the next (or previous) page, ScanTailor automatically recognizes the type of "cut" and divides the page correctly but often the content starts from the black line that separates the two pages , so you have to manually move the blue square, almost always between the line of the division of the two pages and the content involved there is a vertical white band which is not always very wide, to make an accurate selection it is sometimes necessary to zoom in and this makes you lose a lot time because errors (in my case) are frequent. Ideally, if you move the blue line you move by yourself like a magnet that snaps to the first pixel (or series of vertical pixels) blacks so you can make a quick selection of the content correctly without having to zoom in to be sure not to having ruled out anything.
In my case, I scan and process only public domain sheet music which I then insert on imslp.org and it happens that the selection of the content is wrong, it would be very nice if you could implement this possibility, I think it can also be useful for those who scan books of other nature ( even if maybe the program already does this work excellently automatically).
This setting is also found in many audio and graphics manipulation software. In the case of the software I use (Reaper) the setting calls "Snap" and has a magnet as a symbol. I hope I was clear and that it could be good advice to implement this magnificent software.
Thank you all very much

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Re: FEATURES - Snap on the select content

Post by darnn » 04 Aug 2019, 16:07

This is implemented in ScanTailor Advanced: https://github.com/4lex4/scantailor-adv ... ag/v1.0.16

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