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New page splitting approach

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New page splitting approach

Post by Tulon » 16 May 2010, 13:30

Hi everyone,

Remember we were discussing ways to improve page splitting accuracy? The problem was that it's hard to tell a book's spine apart from its vertical edge. So, it seems I found a dead simple way for dealing with this problem: don't try to tell them apart, just cut off everything beyond both of them. On the GUI level this means adding a second cutter to the "Split Pages" stage for single page cases. I've implemented all of that and you can try it in the new build:
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Re: New page splitting approach

Post by daniel_reetz » 16 May 2010, 14:19

posted to news... will test once I get my own computer set back up.

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Re: New page splitting approach

Post by spamsickle » 17 May 2010, 00:20

Much better - completely eliminated "page split" errors on the two books I tested. That cuts down considerably on the manual intervention in the "select content" step too. Thanks!

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Re: New page splitting approach

Post by Misty » 17 May 2010, 09:37

I haven't had the chance to test yet, but this sounds great! Thanks a lot, Tulon.
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