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Page Layout problems...

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Re: Page Layout problems...

Post by StevePoling » 26 May 2010, 21:08

Tulon wrote:
StevePoling wrote:Tulon, would you agree to consider ideas submitted on $100 bills?.
Surprisingly, no. An extra 100$ will change absolutely nothing in my life.
I was teasing. $100 is below the hourly rate for most working programmers. Or at least it was before the economy tanked. But then it doesn't take all that much time to think, "hmmmmm, no."

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Re: Page Layout problems...

Post by Tulon » 27 May 2010, 04:00

StevePoling wrote:I was teasing. $100 is below the hourly rate for most working programmers.
$100 an hour? Now you are teasing me :)
Scan Tailor experimental doesn't output 96 DPI images. It's just what your software shows when DPI information is missing. Usually what you get is input DPI times the resolution enhancement factor.

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Re: Page Layout problems...

Post by TJ-Shredder » 27 May 2010, 08:44

Tulon, you have all my sympathies...
It won't be your job to do all features, you gave to that project a splendid start. And if a missing feature is bothering me too much, I have to learn to implement it myself or find somebody who is will to jump on.

I'll tell about my own motivation a bit for explaining why I prefer the original layout over any new layout...
I don't like to read books on a screen, but I also don't like to move and store heavy books. And I don't like to throw valuable books away either...
My solution: read them on paper, and then scan them for reference. I am nostalgic as well, when I see one of my books, it reminds me of old times. I want to keep it the way it was. I want to store something which is as close as possible to the original, something I could even just print out again...
Having scanned some more of my books, basically some specialized and scientific books, I can assure you, that ST fails on a pretty high percentage of the pages. Mostly because of missed page numbers, and often because there is not a single rule for the original layout...
You asked:
> Having said that, why do you insist on having margins exactly like in the original? Scan Tailor was designed based on the assumption that in 99% of cases that wouldn't matter.
My experience based on about 10 books scanned and looking into the books I want to scan, it seems to be a wrong assumption for significantly more than 50% of the books (no novels by the way, they probably work fine with your assumption, at least if the page numbers are detected correctly (if not my suggestion would still work...))
My suggestion would fail in a much smaller amount, I'd guess most people would be happy with it and having too much border in the original layout could be simply addressed by cutting it off... (allow negative values for the margins...)
ST at least started to be made for flatbed scans. And for photos there apply completely different concepts. For example it is impossible to miss any border in a photo, you will never ever try to fit a photo of a book page into the whole screen (no complaints to expect). The other advantage of using a simple border detection is, that page numbers simply don't matter. All will remain on its place no matter if you found it, or not...
The border detection could also address the problem of changing sizes. This simply isn't an issue at all with scanned books, but is obviously a big issue with photographed books. Especially if they are thick (I had one with 900 thick pages and at the beginning and at the end the difference in size of every other page is very obvious...)

And thanks again for the way the program is already and the way you care for your mental health I appreciate it...


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