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Making the Select Content Box fixed... or disabled?

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Re: Making the Select Content Box fixed... or disabled?

Post by Anonymous1 » 20 Jan 2011, 11:31

Wow, that's great. I've looked through the debugging phases of ST, and I must say, it's really interesting. I think I'll have to overcome my fear of C++...

I find that ST always finds the right lines for content-box selection, but it just selects the wrong ones. Instead of manually making the box, it would be nice if a grid of possible other lines could be drawn on the image display area. Just a thought (I don't think that it would be too hard to implement. Instead of choosing a single line, an array of possible lines could be made and then worked with).

Anyways, good work. I'll be compiling ST again later today.

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Re: Making the Select Content Box fixed... or disabled?

Post by Tulon » 20 Jan 2011, 11:36

kitashi wrote:By the way, if a page has been rotated, currently the manual content box looks to be in a wrong position, although their coordinates are same.
The dependency mechanism should have invalidated the content box in this case.
As to why we get the coordinate system shift - I am not sure, I'll have to check.
Scan Tailor experimental doesn't output 96 DPI images. It's just what your software shows when DPI information is missing. Usually what you get is input DPI times the resolution enhancement factor.

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