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[Suggestion] Show page dimensions under Content

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[Suggestion] Show page dimensions under Content

Post by eL_PuSHeR » 27 Sep 2010, 02:53

Good day.

It crossed my mind recently that it would be a plus if Scan Tailor could show page dimensions (in pixels, and optionally inches or centimeters [although you can do the math if knowing dpi]) below page number under the Select Content section. Thus, one could see more easily the differences between the widest and tallest pages and so on. It would be something like this:

Page 0004-2R
1524 x 3280 px

I know Tulon is rather busy, specially with the dewarping code, but I am in no hurry and I think it shouldn't be so hard to implement.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: [Suggestion] Show page dimensions under Content

Post by TJ-Shredder » 12 Oct 2010, 07:01

+ 1

It would be also great, to be able to define the final size independently of any given page. Not the biggest page would be the reference, but rather a globally defined size (pixel or size or a specified page). If the layout would require a larger size, it would be cut and a simple warning be added, as it could eventually cut content.
This would also help a lot in cases where I want to add pages afterwards. At the moment I have to render them in a new session, but there is no simple way to set the result to the same size...
Along the same lines, I could imagine, that the complete process is pixel related instead of dpi related. As I shoot pictures with a camera, I always have to calculate the dpi before I setup my ScanTaylor session. That way I could fix that afterwards... (surely would be more difficult to implement...)


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Re: [Suggestion] Show page dimensions under Content

Post by jeffr » 13 Oct 2010, 13:57

I agree with these two suggestions. And along the same lines as TJ-Shredder's
suggestion, when I need to reshoot some pages, I no longer have the nice even odd
distribution of pages in the new ScanTailor session. So I am always first selecting
the even numbered pages (which are not every other page in the new session),
applying some setting to that, and then selecting the complement and applying
a different setting to that (for example, the page rotations). What I would like
is a radio button in the Apply To dialog that lets me select the complement of
the selection. That is, apply the setting to all pages which are not selected.

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