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scantailor-osx package

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scantailor-osx package

Post by bonephilipp » 13 Oct 2010, 05:23

Dear all,

I downloaded the scantailor-osx package from http://code.google.com/p/scantailor-osx/ . Alas, it doesn't start up and i would like to submit the crash report to the developer, who, according to google code hosting is 'alexanderdewing'. Stupidly, google-code doesn't offer any way to contact the developer, so my question is: does anyone know how I could contact him or where I should post my crash report?


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Re: scantailor-osx package

Post by knappen » 13 Oct 2010, 12:52

Stupidly, google-code doesn't offer any way to contact the developer
"Stupidly" Hm. Well. Maybe the people who spend their time developing freeware like this aren't that keen on being bombarded by mail from discontent "customers". The version that has been proposed on this site works very well on my Macbook. Reportedly an update is in the making.

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