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First build with automatic dewarping

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Re: First build with automatic dewarping

Post by Tulon » 25 Sep 2012, 11:58

Just use the latest official build from http://scantailor.sf.net/
It has everything those betas had.
Scan Tailor experimental doesn't output 96 DPI images. It's just what your software shows when DPI information is missing. Usually what you get is input DPI times the resolution enhancement factor.

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Re: First build with automatic dewarping

Post by brosskgm » 25 Sep 2012, 12:04

Ah, OK. Scan Tailer... I already have Scan Tailer 0.9.10, I thought this was something different.

I like the way it slipts two pages and was trying to setup a single camera like the russian one that uses mirrors
to reflect both pages to the camera.


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