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Theres no "Crop" only

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Theres no "Crop" only

Post by ibr4him » 18 Jun 2011, 10:54


I just tried my first book with BSW, its not as difficult as it seems :) .. but I'm confused about the 'crop' part. The documentation states that we should fix the perspective first and then crop, and I see in the screenshots something like this:

Code: Select all

Perspective = ....
Crop = ....

But I don't see "Crop" option in the contextual menu, there's only "Fix Perspective and Crop", so when I choose that it becomes:

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Perspective =  ...
PerspectiveAndCrop = ...
What am i doing wrong?

Also, it gives an error "... must not be outside the image .." sometimes.

Thanks heaps for this great tool!

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Re: Theres no "Crop" only

Post by steve1066d » 19 Jun 2011, 18:36

Cropping can only be done when there are two points selected. Cropping assumes the you've used the perspective command to straighten things out.

Click in the upper left and lower right and it will show the cropping rectangle. Then crop will be one of the context menu options.
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