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Heeeelp Withe Zeutchel os 12000 v :-((

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Heeeelp Withe Zeutchel os 12000 v :-((

Post by ESK » 25 May 2013, 08:18

Dear Friends,

This is my first post at this forum, i have a huge problem with some Zeutschel book scanners.
The scanners are os 12000 v, and from the brochure specification the scan area is 480 (2x240) x 380 mm.
My problem is that my books are 680 (2x340) x 240, and i cannot scan the entire book with one scan :-(((

I have ask to the manufacture if its any possibility to extend the scan area also this loosing in quality of scan . But they said no :-(.

I have also make a 1000 tests that the 2 cameras of the scanner scan only one page (so one page is 340 mm and the scanner can scan 480 but 240x240)
And after the first camera finish the 240 mm area the other one just transform the image . So the 2 cameras cannot scan the entire page like one image normaly ..

My questions are.
Exist any possibility to open more the scan area? or to make the v-shape scanner to scan in wide position so i can scan for first the laft page of the book and leter the other?
i dont want to rotate my book :-(((.

Pleaseee any genius idea how to scan my book with dimensions 680 (2x340) x 240 in my zeutschel os 12000 v with scan area 480 (2x240) x 380 mm

i am ready for any idea also if i need to do a hardware modification

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