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Fastest computer build for Scan Tailor?

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Fastest computer build for Scan Tailor?

Post by Adam32 » 04 Nov 2014, 13:44

I have been using Scan Tailor for a few months, but it is pretty slow on my PC. At the moment I am running a Core2Duo overclocked to 4ghz with 8GB of Ram. I am now going to build a new PC and am willing to spend up to £1500 ($2400). Any idea what sort of build I should go for to attain maximum speed on Scantailor? I was thinking of one of these processors:

Intel Core i7 4970K - 4.4GHZ
AMD FX-9590 - 5GHz

Also what about going for 64gb of RAM - will this have any noticeable effect?

Any ideas what sort of build for my price will get me the fastest speeds on Scan Tailor? Also any idea what sort of improvement in speed I will achieve over my current build?

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