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Page numbering, good/bad, & how to Abbyy it?

Posted: 07 Mar 2016, 17:36
by will.moindrot
Hi All,

I wondered if somebody could help me out. For the types of stuff I'm scanning I'd find it very handy to have the original book page numbers in the final ebook for referencing, but I'm finding that aBBYY is stripping it out. Any ideas?

I am using a cardboard book scanner with a DSLR. I take odd pages, then even. Do some file renaming with Lupus to have each file named after the page for ease, then ScanTailor to fix the pages and select content (which keeps the page number), I then combine the odds and the evens together and feed into abbyy (v11) with some clearing up there. I am finding that abbyy reads the page number text, or chapter heading on each page if there is one, but on the interpretted text pane it just has a 'Header or Footer' bar on each page that I can't seem to be able to interact with. Then on the exported epub it's missing the page number. I am also exporting a readable pdf for ultimate reference but it would be handy to have these page numbers on my kindle version too. Not too bothered about rebuilding TOC. Any ideas?

Is it customary in book digitising to leave off the page number?

Thanks Will, Liverpool UK

Re: Page numbering, good/bad, & how to Abbyy it?

Posted: 12 Mar 2016, 03:03
by Vidar
Look at Tools-Options--Read --Detect structural elemens and make sure that 'Headers and footers' is not ticked. I think it is ticked by default.