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Confused newbie - new versus old

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Confused newbie - new versus old

Post by bugbear » 05 Dec 2016, 05:13

Hi there;

disclaimer - I will never build or use a DIY book scanner. :o

I was reading about the design and use of book scanners on this site; both the dedication of the people and quality of the work is magnificent.

I found one problem with the write ups which I suspect is invisible to the proper devotees. and was very troubling for me.

There are quite a few references to the "old" design, and the benefits of the "new" design. Which were probably
perfectly good designations at the time the documents were created, or the design was being discussed.

Now that the site is many years old, and the "main" design has gone through at least 4 major revisions, "old" and "new" are not very clear.

If the designs could be given dates/names/numbers, and the docs search-n-replaced, it would be a great
help to people (like me) when they first stumble across DIY book scanning.

I appreciate that forum posts are always in the present tense, but FAQs should (ideally) be timeless.


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Re: Confused newbie - new versus old

Post by duerig » 07 Dec 2016, 18:32

This is definitely something I want to fix. I'll start looking through all of the webpages to see if I can find all the places where it might be ambiguous. If you noticed any pages in particular that need fixing, please post links here.

-Jonathon Duerig

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