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ideal compact budget system for viewing only?

Posted: 28 Sep 2018, 15:10
by infinice
howdy folks-
I'm swamped with choice: mouse scanners, bar scanners, flat-bed, overhead etc. etc. etc.
I'd like to describe my needs in the hopes that somebody can point me to the ideal type of system, or specific product that'll fit my bill...

My priorities are: affordability (i'll pay up to $300? but prefer less of course), compactness, ease of use (!!) and reliability.
It'll be used for actual reading, not for recording/transcribing whole books (i expect to scan in/ocr only a few pages in the average book),
and hope the accompanying software allows image inversion (dark grey background with white text).
I'm seeking a system that'll allow me to read naturally, but from a screen.

Thanking you in advance,

Canadian reader bothered by black on white glare,


Skeleton walks into a bar, orders a beer and a mop.

Re: ideal compact budget system for viewing only?

Posted: 05 Oct 2018, 11:55
by duerig
There are two possibilities that you might want to look into.

First, you might just want to buy a large tablet computer whether an iPad or an Android/Microsoft one. For $300 you can probably get a last-generation refurbished or used model. Then you can use it as a large screen with an attached camera to be able to point it at the pages of a book and have an instant zoom effect.

The other option would be to buy a copy stand and a cheap point-and-shoot camera (like the ELPH 180). I believe it has a video-out connector (double-check which kind on Canon's website). Attach the camera pointing straight down on the copy stand. Then connect it to a video monitor. If you don't have a monitor sitting around, they can usually be had very cheaply at any university surplus store. Now you can put the book into the copy stand and hold it open while comfortably looking at the live view on the monitor. If you want to capture the image, just press the trigger. And they all have actual zoom lenses so you can get better zoom than the tablet configuration.

Best of luck in your project.

-Jonathon Duerig

Re: ideal compact budget system for viewing only?

Posted: 05 Oct 2018, 14:45
by infinice
Mr. Duerig-
Thanks for the ideas. I'll pass on the iPad idea- it's largish by tablet standards, but still too small for extended reading.
The camera on stand idea is more workable. I was, and am, thinking about it already, but your reminder that not all
digital cameras have the necessary video-out port, does help.
Thanks again,
canadian guy